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Retrica - Discover Yourself

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Phiên bản 5.12.0 2 tháng trước

Mô tả của Retrica - Discover Yourself

Express yourself with mesmerizing filters. Share it with your friends or the world. Discover other interesting people and lives.

With Retrica, you can enjoy these features:

• Perfect Filters for every occasion: Take a selfie with real-time filters. Focus on capturing your beauty and spend less time editing!

• Video and GIF: Video speaks more words than a photo! Long press to capture the live video. You can also turn your collage shots or video into GIF.

• Fun Instant Collage: More is merrier! Take multiple selfies and turn them into a beautiful collage instantly! You can turn your phone into a retro photo booth with a touch of a button.

• Fun Stickers: Retrica offers over 100 stickers for you to decorate and edit your selfie and video. Make your selfie pop in SNS!

• Doodle & Text: Embed your personal message into your Selfie. Turn your selfie into a message!

• Stamp™: Decorate your selfies and videos with Retrica's original Stamp™.

• Share: Upload your beautiful selfies to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

• Discover™: Meet & make new interesting friends in Retrica

Need some help? Got feedback? Have an idea?

Send us an email at contact@retrica.co. We answer each email personally and quickly.


* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To save photos and videos

* READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To save photos and videos

* RECORD_AUDIO: To take photos and videos

* ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: To remember where photos and videos are taken

* ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: To remember where photos and videos are taken

* READ_CONTACTS: To see which friends are already here. Don't fret! We keep 'em secret.

* CAMERA: To take photos and videos</br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br>

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Thông tin APK về Retrica - Discover Yourself

Phiên bản APK 5.12.0
Khả năng tương thích Android 5.0+ (Lollipop)
Lập trình viên bootstlab.com
Chính sách riêng tư http://retrica.co/_privacy/

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